Ablitt’s Hosts ABC Meeting

Ablitt’s Hosts ABC Meeting

Ablitt’s Hosts ABC Meeting

Cleaner entertains affiliates, hosts group tour and three-day program

SANTA BARBARA, Calif. — America’s Best Cleaners’ (ABC) held its three-day national affiliates meeting here recently and Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners and Tailors played host, it reports.

“Day one started bright and early with a tour of the facilities of host Ablitt’s,” ABC notes. “The tour provided an excellent example of how to run a drycleaning business now and in the future.”

The day was only beginning, it says, as the group toured Santa Barbara’s desalination facility.

“Water is a primary utility for dry cleaners, and understanding the need for a sustainable resource is critical to our short- and long-term future as humans and business owners,” the firm relates. “It was an eye-opening experience for all.”

Later that day, ABC writes, Bill Odorizzi and Wesley Nelson of Sankosha gave a timely presentation on sustainability.

The next day’s presenter, Harry Carranza of Select Risk Insurance, talked to the audience about Understanding Risk Within Your Sustainability Plan.

Later Mark Jones and Toran Brown from SPOT Business Systems presented Technology of Today and the Future offering affiliates a first look at the future interface of their company, it notes.

That night, ABC relates, “The Santa Barbara Fishouse was the perfect local venue to host the affiliate dinner. Affiliates enjoyed a terrific selection of local Southern California wines paired with the fresh local seafood selections offered.”

On the last day of the event, the firm notes, Dave Troemel of BeCreative360 presented Online Reviews, the Real Driver of Organic Growth. Then Toran Brown of Rytina Cleaners talked on Market Forces and Forecasts, about the use of background data and information for forecasting industry trends. Catherine McCann, ABC partner, oversaw a workshop on sustainability.

The meeting concluded with a three-part program: Country Club Cleaners spoke of their Solar Project; meeting host Ablitt’s outlined how using The Great Game of Business as their model changed their lives; and last, affiliates went around the room presenting their business ideas, ABC notes.

Sasha Ablitt of the host cleaners reflects: “This group of cleaners is actively trying to improve their business and serve their clientele while reducing their environmental impact and make the world a better place. It was an inspiring gathering!”

This article was originally written by Tim Burke at americandrycleaner.com.

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