America’s Best Cleaners co-host CINET Global Best Practices Awards in Milan Italy

Palm Beach Gardens, FL, November 09, 2022 –

America’s Best Cleaners was proud to co-host and participate in the CINET 2022 Global Best Business Practices Awards. The 46 companies, who were all finalists in the CINET 2022 Global Best Practices Awards, demonstrated innovation and corporate social responsibility in the Professional Textile Care industry inspiring showcases for colleagues in a growing industry worldwide.

Worldwide reach

The event was followed by some 250 attendants in Milan and globally by thousands of followers online via a live stream on Zoom. In addition to this event being co-hosted by America’s Best Cleaners, their Executive Director, Christopher White was selected as one of the prestigious international jury members to decide the winners in the GBBPA 2022 program. After a full day of pitches, 18 carefully selected jury members from 11 countries determined the eventual winners. 30 country awards were presented, 3 Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards, 4 Young Entrepreneur Awards, 6 Awards for Entrepreneurship in all continents over the world, and a Special Lifetime Award for Mr. Ken Cupitt of the Guild of Cleaners & Launderers in the UK.

The Best Performing Companies Worldwide, as selected by the independent international jury were:

  • Category Industrial Textile Services: Lavans bv (NL)
  • Category Retail Textile Care (RTC) – Small: Jan’s Professional Cleaners (USA)
  • Category RTC – Big: Oxwash (UK)

A special congratulations to Ariana Basseri from Steamer Cleaners USA for winning the Young Entrepreneur Awards for the United States.

Immense PTC Growth Potential

In these difficult times around the world, innovative initiatives provided confidence that the industry indeed has great potential for further growth in all countries worldwide. Transformations in business models, implementation of measures for improved sustainability, good examples of human resource management, and more, were presented by many participating official nominees. However, it became clear that these great market opportunities also require proactive new initiatives of young entrepreneurs. Hence, 10 entrepreneurs were rewarded for that by the jury.

A Forum for International Cooperation and Idea Sharing

“Peter Wennekes and the team at CINET have done a remarkable job bringing together the best minds of our industry to work in cooperation to solve the current challenges facing all facets of the textile care industry. The synergy of the missions of ABC and CINET becomes more apparent and stronger with each event we co-host. I am excited to bring back to our affiliates the latest trends and innovations in energy savings, human development, process efficiencies, and social responsibility initiatives. This information will aid in keeping ABC and its affiliates the thought leaders in North America for the textile care industry,” says White, ABC’s Executive Director.

The immense transformation of the industry was best demonstrated by the CINET Webinar; “Robotization & Automation for Sustainable Processing?” The worldwide leading suppliers of these new technologies, Laundry Robotics, Inwatec / Jensen, and Kannegiesser presented the practical advantages of available technologies ready for usage and creating a new future; higher productivity, better efficiency, less human labor needed for heavy and/or dangerous work, leading to 100% automated processing at short notice.

This will create a transformation in the industry. It will also create an important further improvement for even better sustainability up to CO2-neutral processing, as was presented by TBR from NL. TKT presented the conclusion of the latest studies on the effects of Intensifying the use of garments and textiles: 50% CO2 savings as a result of using garments twice as often as up till now, for instance using shirts 10 times instead of 5 times. This a gigantic opportunity for the professional textile care industry, which comes on top of the 2- 3 times better performance of professional textile cleaning compared to domestic washing. Additionally, the International Hygiene Advisory Committee (IHAC) advised Chairman Simon Hemmes to keep on using the Cinet Reference Protocol for treating contaminated textiles.


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