America’s Best Cleaners Holds Live Accelerator Meeting in Louisville

America’s Best Cleaners Holds Live Accelerator Meeting in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY – April 24, 2023 –
America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) hosted a Live Accelerator Meeting on March 29-31, 2023 in
Louisville, KY. The theme of the meeting was “Convenience,” and Affiliates explored
strategies and tools to drive business growth and enhance the client experience.

In addition to its monthly virtual Accelerator call, ABC hosts a Live Accelerator Meeting
twice a year; once in the spring and once in the fall. The three-day event was hosted by
ABC Affiliate Nu-Yale Cleaners and provided attendees with the opportunity to reconnect
and share challenges and successes.

ABC Executive Director Chris White said, “There is nothing better than when our Affiliates
get together in person and are able to experience a business application, concept and
specific technology that enhance the level of service we can provide to our clients. We
appreciate the team at Nu-Yale Cleaners for providing us access to see how their 24/7 kiosks
have had a positive impact on their business. There were productive discussions amongst
Affiliates and partners on how we can make our businesses more convenient for our clients,
team members, and leaders.”

The event kicked off on Wednesday with an opening reception at Overdrive where
Affiliates had the chance to participate in ax throwing, a virtual reality rage room and a
racing simulation. It was a laid back setting that encouraged Affiliates to connect and get to
know each other.

Jan Barlow, owner of Jan’s Professional Dry Cleaners and a new ABC Affiliate, shared her
experience as a first-time attendee. “The visit to Nu-Yale was very informative. They were
one of the first adapters of kiosks, and learning about their historical experience with this
type of technology was invaluable. From sharing best practices, to exploring new AI
technologies, the meetings were very helpful. The diversity of Affiliates and attendees, as
well as our facilitator Chris White, made for a very meaningful experience. I came home
with a list of actionable takeaways for my business. This was my first meeting, and the time
was very well spent!”

On Thursday, Affiliates learned about the benefits of 24/7 kiosk technology, delivery
services and participated in a tour and critique of the Nu-Yale production facility. The
afternoon included a panel discussion on “Conveniences of the Future.” The panel speakers
were Tom Beidle of Spot by Xplor, Nathaniel Dubasik of Metalprogetti, Mark Albrecht of
The Route Pro’s, Dave Troemel of BeCreative360, and Jeff Quail of Sankosha.

“By bringing together the best minds in the industry, including the leaders at Spot,
Sankosha, Metalprogetti, Kreussler, The Route Pro‘s, and BeCreative360, we enhanced the
level of engagement and thought leadership we strive to provide at our events. We thank
these sponsoring partners for taking part in a very forward-thinking panel discussion on
how we can improve our businesses and better serve our clients. There was an optimistic
energy in the room as we discussed our successes and what the future holds,” White

The day ended with an Affiliate dinner and bourbon tasting at the 21c Museum Hotel
Louisville. Day 2 of the Accelerator consisted of Affiliate-only workshops and a
masterminding session, followed by an AI Hackathon in which Affiliate teams were
provided with several complex business challenges that required them to use AI tools to
craft solutions, strategies, and actionable applications to enhance productivity.

Gary Maloney, the owner of Nu-Yale Cleaners, shared, “The Louisville Accelerator meeting
was very exciting and provided a ton of information. It was an overall great experience.”

Andre Lobato, Vice President of La Nouvelle Fine Cleaners, shared, “ABC’s meeting in
Louisville proved that even the smallest details can have a big impact on the industry.
Every conversation, every idea, and every connection made will contribute to a brighter
future for the dry cleaning industry. As a returning member, it was refreshing to see the
next generation build and grow their brands.”

ABC will host its next Live Accelerator Meeting on September 13-15, 2023 in New York, NY.
The theme of the event will be “Fashion,” and it will be hosted by Affiliate Embassy

Andrew Rivkin, the owner of Embassy Cleaners, said, “America’s Best Cleaners continues to
provide significant value to me and my business through the breadth of educational and
interactional opportunities and the depth and usefulness of topics discussed in their
programs. The national meeting in Louisville provided an unparalleled experience to
connect with like-minded, business-focused dry cleaners sharing best practices, learning
about new ideas and concepts, and advising solutions for difficult issues. ABC continues to
deliver fresh, timely, and substantive content that I have found to be integral to the success
of my business.”


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America’s Best Cleaners is a certification agency and an industry-leading team of consultants who assist owners, managers, and team members to realize their full potential while striving for continued personal and professional success. For more information on America’s Best Cleaners and its Affiliates, visit this page.

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