America’s Best Cleaners Joins American Circular Textiles Group (ACT) in Support of Circular Fashion

America’s Best Cleaners Joins American Circular Textiles Group (ACT) in Support of Circular Fashion

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL – June 7, 2023 –

America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) is pleased to announce its membership in the American
Circular Textiles Group (ACT), a Circular Services Group (CSG) effort aimed at driving
circularity in the United States. ABC will be the first and lead representative organization
for the repair, renewal and restoration portion of the circular fashion economy for ACT.

As an ACT member, ABC will continue to raise awareness of domestic circular fashion
opportunities. ABC was recently listed as a signatory on the ACT Action letter to the
Federal Trade Commission regarding the Green Guides and is working to promote this
message to clients and political leaders. ABC encourages its Affiliates to build sustainable
businesses through its environmental efforts and “Earth Day is Every Day” mentality.

ABC Executive Director, Chris White, said, “With our deep roots in sustainability work
within our affiliation and with our partners in the fashion world, we believe it is imperative
for our Affiliates and the garment care industry to have a leadership voice at the policy
development table. We are excited about the opportunity the rapid growth of the circular
fashion movement continues to provide for our Affiliates and the positive impact it will
have on the environment. We look forward to the future as we collaborate with the team at
ACT to shape policy and provide actionable benefits to the members and our Affiliates.”

ACT is spearheaded by Circular Services Group (CSG) and was created in 2022. Its
membership consists of leading organizations with a common goal of facilitating the
transition from a linear to a circular fashion economy. ACT seeks to align fashion’s
circularity stakeholders around supportive policy and bring focus to the waste hierarchy.

ACT Executive Director, Rachel Kibbe, shared, “ACT values garment repair, and regional
small business workforce development, as a crucial link to building a more robust domestic
circular fashion ecosystem and corresponding supportive policy. As such, ABC is a
welcome new member to our coalition, which aims to include all of fashion’s circular
economy stakeholders.”

ABC has a long history of promoting eco-consciousness through its facilities, processes, and
messaging, and it strives to set the standard for sustainable textile cleaning. ABC was
awarded the Best in 2022: Green Businesses Leading in the Sustainability Movement by the
Green Business Bureau (GBB) and works with the bureau to write and assess green
initiatives specific to the garment care industry. Over 90% of ABC Affiliates are currently
certified GBB members and are actively working to add sustainability initiatives to their

White shared, “With our unwavering commitment to the environmental movement in the
garment care industry, and as a member of the American Circular Textiles group (ACT), we
continue to recognize and address these pressing issues and provide clear guidance to our
Affiliates to promote a sustainable future for the fashion industry and our role in the
aftercare market.”


About America’s Best Cleaners:
America’s Best Cleaners is a certification agency and an industry-leading team of
consultants who assist owners, managers, and team members to realize their full potential
while striving for continued personal and professional success. For more information on
America’s Best Cleaners and its Affiliates, visit this page.

About American Circular Textiles:
Founded in 2022 by Circular Services Group, the American Circular Textiles (ACT) is a
coalition of leading fashion organizations aligned on responsible domestic circularity and
sustainable fashion public policy, with an emphasis on apparel and footwear reuse and
recycling. Coalition members include: The RealReal, Rent the Runway, thredUP, Arrive,
Fashionphile, Supercircle, Thrilling, Debrand, H&M, Reformation, Sortile and America’s
Best Cleaners. ACT operates under the belief that systemic and scalable change in fashion
requires industry players to hold hands and develop a collective voice. The coalition aims to
facilitate a transition from a linear to a circular fashion economy, educate and raise
awareness around the fashion industry’s current gap in sustainability practices, and to
advocate for responsible public policy solutions.

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