America’s Best Cleaners Sets the Scene in Style at the 2021 Leadership Forum

America’s Best Cleaners Sets the Scene in Style at the 2021 Leadership Forum

LAS VEGAS, NV, October 2, 2021 – As the Fabricare industry rises out of the difficult challenges of the last 18 months, the America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum continues to establish itself as a platform for leaders to gather and explore the challenges and successes of the community. “I can’t tell you how refreshing it was to gather with some of the brightest leaders in the space and share ideas about where the industry is headed and how we can all thrive in this new environment,” says Forum Panelist and Mulberrys Garment Care CEO Dan Miller. “I think everyone there left the event energized and ready for the future.”

The 2021 Fabricare Show commenced this past weekend in Las Vegas, NV at The Sahara Hotel and Resort and America’s Best Cleaners was invited to host their Leadership Forum on Day 1 of the event. 

The ABC Leadership Forum, led by Chris White, featured a panel of four esteemed industry experts: 

America’s Best Cleaners makes the effort to make every forum experience unique and valuable by adopting themes based on data from the current year and anticipated trends. The format for the Leadership Forum Panel was based on a round-robin interview pertaining to various topics. Questions were broken down by the following categories: Vision of the future, Market Wants & Needs, Operational Shifts in your Business, and Pricing.

Panelists took this opportunity to share their thoughts on the dry cleaning and laundry care climate. Conversations ranged from taking on a more active approach to garment care and the value of looking and feeling your best, to sharing the best practices for problem management. “The forum provided fresh perspectives on how to tackle the issues facing our industry in a positive and thoughtful way,” says Panelist and CEO of Balfurd Inc. Monika Manter. “Even as a panelist, the discussion motivated me to make changes in my business and sparked new leadership ideas.”

Chris White, Executive Director & Partner of America’s Best Cleaners, shared his opinion about what he emphasizes to his affiliates when it comes to leadership, especially for 2021 and beyond. “Be an authentic and a clear communicator of your vision. People thrive in environments where they know the goal and can feel comfortable seeking honest guidance and feedback,” he says. “This group of leaders demonstrated how being an influential force in your community as well as having intentions to provide encouraging, ambitious workplaces for employees to thrive directly impacts the level of quality their clients are serviced with every day. The passion and hunger for shared success was undoubtedly front and center with this year’s forum.”

The success of the Leadership Forum and Fabricare Show marked a bright shift in the industry’s future as businesses return from a challenging year and make plans for the exciting days ahead. The re-emergence of live events offer opportunities previously thwarted by the pandemic to once again appreciate the craftsmanship and proven excellence of fabricare professionals. America’s Best Cleaners and their affiliates thank the Fabricare Show and the attendees for a wonderful weekend and look forward to continue setting the scene for a promising and well-dressed future. 

America’s Best Cleaners is a certification agency and an industry leading team of consultants who assist owners, managers, and team members to realize their full potential while striving for continued personal and professional success. For more information on America’s Best Cleaners and its affiliates, visit:

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