In 1932, Will Bogner was a cross-country skiing and ski jump phenom, with 11 German championships titles in the Nordic combination.  After his long and glorious international sports career Will founded a business importing skis, accessories, and knitted goods from Norway to his home town of Munich, Germany, combining his passion for sport with his keen business skills.

Willy’s wife, Maria, set the tone for the collection with her feel for style and functionality. If was she who first designed a smartly cut winter anorak work by her husband and the other competitors of the German Olympic team. When Maria presented her innovation of stretch elastic pants at the first Bogner fashion show in 1948, it was a fashion sensation. The narrow pants with a stirrup immediately jumped over to America, where they were called “The Bogners” and were worn by fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe, Ingrid Bergman, and Jayne Mansfield. 

Today, Bogner is managed by Willy and Maria’s son Willy Bogner, Jr., together with his wife, Sônia and the brand is represented in over 30 countries around the world.  Today’s Bogner includes an exclusive design collection by Sônia Bogner of elegant, cosmopolitan ladieswear, Bogner Woman and Man with sporty casual wear, and Bogner Sport with the Ski, Golf, Wellness, and Resort lines.

When affiliates of America’s Best Cleaners were given a tour of the Bogner Munich facility, they got to appreciate the high-tech equipment used to test the elasticity and tensile strength of the fabrics used in the construction of the varied lines Bogner now sells.


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