When Brooks Brothers is looking for expertise regarding dry cleaning, they turn to America’s Best Cleaners. ABC has held seminars for Brooks Brothers and included their experts in field trips to affiliates learning new technologies in the dry cleaning industry. ABC has also

Brooks Brothers doesn’t allow any of its employees to recommend dry cleaners unless they have been certified by America’s Best Cleaners. In fact it is included on page one of their concierge manual. Knowing that ABC affiliates are expert in their craft gives ‘peace of mind’ to the management of Brooks Brothers.

Affiliates of ABC return the favor with exceptional service and quality. This makes for a great arrangement. All relationships should be this trusting.

Photos (Left to Right) - Christopher White explaining some of the chemistry behind the dry cleaning process to Doug Shriver and Joanne Martorelli, top garment specialists from Brooks Brothers; Rudie Smit, US representative for Miele USA explaining wetcleaning to Doug Shriver and Joanne Martorelli of Brooks Brothers; Doug Shriver and Joanne Martorelli, top garment specialists, examine a Brooks Brothers suit, brought to one of the ABC’s California affiliates for cleaning. The customer was more than surprised to have such high level expertise from Brooks Brothers to answer his inquiries about the construction of the suit.

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