COVID-19 Notice

We hope that all of you are doing your best to be safe during this unprecedented time. The affiliates of America’s Best Cleaners just completed a nationwide check-in call to review and discuss our contingency and continuity planning. Currently, all America’s Best Cleaners affiliates are OPEN for business and doing their absolute best to maintain services to their respective regions. Our laundry and drycleaning services are considered essential services by many local governments. At this time we are utilizing our Home & Office Route Pickup and Delivery services to their maximum capacity to support you while adhering to social distancing guidelines.


All America’s Best Cleaners affiliates have committed to following the recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and OSHA Standards for the handling of all textiles we process to protect our employees, clients, and neighbors.


If you need assistance please locate your nearest America’s Best Cleaners affiliate at this link:


We are here to support our communities to the best of our abilities within the regulations set forth by our local health departments.


Please stay safe,

Christopher White
Executive Director
Catherine McCann
Director of Operations

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