Door to Door Cleaners win CCA’s Top Award, Dry Cleaner of the Year

Door to Door Cleaners win CCA’s Top Award, Dry Cleaner of the Year


For Immediate Release:  September 7, 2018

Door to Door Cleaners win CCA’s Top Award,
Dry Cleaner of the Year

September 7th, 2018: America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) affiliate Door to Door Cleaners in Los Angeles have proven themselves again and again to be one of the premiere dry cleaners in the industry, not just in California, but nationally. Now, they have one more feather to add to their cap…they’ve won the California Cleaners Associations (CCA) most prestigious award, Dry Cleaner of the Year! It’s a tremendous deal and a huge honor, as CCA presents its Dry Cleaner of the Year award to only individuals who have shown extraordinary commitment to forwarding both the association as well as the industry at large. Door to Door Cleaners has certainly earned it, with their time tested dry cleaning service, top tier customer service, and unbeatable attitude towards the industry.

Owners Sajid and Habib Veera expressed huge enthusiasm to have been honored. “I’m elated to have won.” said Sajid. “We chalk it up to hard work, dedication, and under-promising and over-delivering to our customers.”

The future looks bright for this ABC affiliate, and the Dry Cleaner of the Year award is only the beginning. So where does a dry cleaner go from here? Sajid knows. “We hope to continue to build on the success we’ve seen and further enhance the reputation we’ve garnered with innovation, dedication, and good old-fashioned elbow grease.”

Door to Door Cleaners accepted their award at Fabricare 2018 in Long Beach. America’s Best Cleaners, the dry cleaning industry’s only independent certification body, was on hand to support their affiliate.

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America’s Best Cleaners is a certification agency and an industry leading team of consultants who assist owners, managers, and team members to realize their full potential while striving for continued personal and professional success. For more information on America’s Best Cleaners and its affiliates, visit

Door to Door Cleaners is a family owned dry cleaning company in Los Angeles, California. Their mission is to provide the most convenient and best quality dry cleaning services to Los Angeles. For more information about Door to Door Cleaners, visit


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