Hugo Boss, maker of fine men’s and women’s clothing and Cleveland’s London Cleaners, hosted 48 people from America’s Best Cleaners today.  This select group of cleaners toured the 300,000 square foot plant where Boss makes 80% of their men’s suits for the U.S. market. 

Kirsten Saemmer VP of Operations for Boss, opened the doors to her operation and showed the cleaners every step of the production process to making a suit.  Historically, cleaners and clothing manufacturers have frequently had an adverse relationship where items damaged in the cleaning process ended up back to the retailer/manufacturer.

America’s Best Cleaners™ seeks to bridge that gap by reaching out to manufacturers like Boss.  With better understanding of the manufacturing process, a cleaner is better able to understand how to care for it.  Americas Best Cleaners has done similar tours in Italy with Brioni, Zegna, Willy Bogner, the German as well as Cleveland factories of Hugo Boss and is going to Paris in November to visit the manufacturing facilities and/or shops of Hermes, Chanel, etc.

America’s Best Cleaners™ is a national certification organization that seeks out the best cleaners in a market.  In order to qualify as one of the best, a cleaner is subjected to monthly swatch tests and yearly onsite inspections.  The organization also hires secret shoppers who make surprise visits to check on the quality and service for each affiliate. 

America’s Best Cleaners™ has recognized 38 cleaners and is dedicated to learning, teaching and sharing the best practices of dry cleaning which is an unregulated industry.  Alex Shvartsteyn of London Cleaners, was selected in 2004 and has been selected annually since then. He has been recognized in Cleveland for his superb quality as well as his national recognition.

High-end clothing manufacturers like Boss welcome this type of quality standard which they subscribe to in their own production facility and are anxious to work with America’s Best Cleaners™ in a joint effort toward servicing a mutual customer base.  

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