Ike Behar currently makes sport shirts, ties, sport coats, suits, handkerchiefs and more. Although the business has grown exponentially since its inception, the firm commitment to quality and perfect attention to detail have persisted. To this day, every product bearing the Ike Behar name is still created by experienced craftsmen using Ike’s patented diamond-quilted collar, single-needle stitching techniques and high thread-count, luxurious fabrics.

Currently, Ike Behar’s three sons run the company’s operations; however, Ike still remains actively involved in the business. The Behar’s believe that keeping the company family-run is vital for success. It is this family atmosphere that has enabled the Ike Behar reputation to endure for half a century. The Behar’s truly pour their hearts into the company. As a result, everyone who works at Ike Behar shares the family’s energy, enthusiasm and commitment. The prevailing attitude throughout the company is that with hard work and determination Ike Behar will continue to prosper for another 50 years.

ABC has been working with Ike Behar for the past number of years. Representatives from ABC have toured their factory in Miami and when asked to test some of their shirts, ABC sent them to the Hohenstein Institutes of Germany, a colleague of ABC. ABC was also asked by Ike Behar to make a presentation to the sales staff on the intricacies of dry cleaning and laundering shirts. The knowledge gained from the relationship has been beneficial to both parties – and as an extension, to the affiliates of ABC.


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