La Nouvelle Fine Cleaners Certifed as America’s Best Cleaners Affiliate

La Nouvelle Fine Cleaners Certifed as America’s Best Cleaners Affiliate

La Nouvelle Fine Cleaners has received notification of its official national certification as an Affiliate of the dry cleaning industry’s highly-respected America’s Best Cleaners.

La Nouvelle was founded in 1986 by Richard ”Rick” Bugdanowitz in Denver, Colorado. The company has built a reputation of excellence among Denver’s finest clothiers and has even been featured on “The View.” La Nouvelle prides itself on being one of the nation’s most envi­ronmentally friendly dry cleaners and a certified Couture Care Spe­cialist. As a leader in textile and fabric dry cleaning technology.

LaNouvelle operates a pristine on-site facility equipped with special dry cleaning methods for designer attire, gowns, suits and custom tailored garments.

Vice President Andre Lobato shared, “Being a part of ABC is not just about being the best, it’s about being excited to be among the best as part of a movement that sets the standards for excellence in the Dry Cleaning industry.”

Executive Director Chris White said, “La Nouvelle has a very storied history of excellence rooted from the founder Rick Bug­danowitz and carried on by his protege and now Vice President, Andre Lobato. I know from decades of working with Andre and La Nouvelle that they deliver impeccable quality and service and are continually recognized as the best of Denver. We are extremely excited to have Andre and the entire La Nouvelle family back home where they belong as one of America’s Best Cleaners.”

As one of under 50 businesses certified by America’s Best Cleaners, La Nouvelle Fine Cleaners joins an exclusive group of elite dry cleaners from over 20,000 dry cleaning establishments in North America.

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