When French King Louis XI introduced silk manufacturing to France in 1466, Italy had been the world center for silk manufacturing for hundreds of years.  However, under Louis XI’s patronage, the silk French industry flourished and quickly became the center of manufacturing in Europe.

Above (Left to Right):  A worker at Le Manach prepares skeins of silk for conversion to spools; Affiliates examine one of the oldest operating Jackquard looms in the world;  America's Best Cleaners Executive Director, Christopher White, examines a catalog of historic Jacquard patterns produced by Le Manach; Le Manach produces textiles from plush silk velvets to high quality polished silks. 

In 1829, Georges Le Manach opened a silk factory in Tours.  Still in operation today, Le Manach produces fine silk jacquards on some of the oldest operating Jacquard looms in existence.  The Affiliates of America’s Best Cleaners were honored with the opportunity to tour this historic factory to see how these exquisite textiles are crafted. 

This type of behind-the-scenes knowledge of the production and care of high-end fabrics like Le Manach silk is what sets Affiliates of America’s Best Cleaners apart from typical dry cleaners.

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