Our Certification

The America’s Best Cleaners Certification process is the most stringent Independent certification process known to the garment care industry. Initially developed in conjunction with the Hohenstein Institutes, our standards are constantly updated based on market demands, advances in technology, fashion style, garment construction trends, and the needs of our clients.


An eligible drycleaner is a full service operation, able to accommodate the demands of the most discerning clientele in their given market. The following prerequisite qualifications are used as a guide to prequalify you for our quality certification seal.

  • Gross sales of $1,000,000 or more
  • High-end retail stores with boutique/high-end look
  • Full service route pickup and delivery for the entire market
  • Offers hand finished service
  • Excellent presentation and packaging for premier service
  • Actively involved in local business and community organizations
  • Upholds ABC’s standards of client service
  • Maintains garment quality standards set by the certification process
  • Maintains a strong and active online presence

Statement of Independence

America’s Best Cleaners (ABC) is an independent organization dedicated to the continued excellence of the dry-cleaning industry. It acts as a service to dry-cleaning clients and to garment designers, retailers, and manufacturers whose products require the utmost professional care. In order to maintain the credibility as standard-bearer of industry quality, ABC guarantees its objectivity with the assurances of third-party criteria which must be followed at all times. As such, ABC certifies dry cleaning establishments, and is in no way affiliated or beholden to any special interest group, separate corporation or any other outside entity.

Annual Site Inspection

The annual site inspection provides a comprehensive report that is trended against the entire national database. Areas of concern are addressed with ownership and key team members to set a clear set of expectations and standards. During a site inspection, you may expect:
  • A holistic review of your entire operation from the initial consumer experience to final delivery
  • Rating the performance of all mechanical systems
  • Complete review of your cleaning technology with recommendations for improvement
  • Thorough analysis of the work environment including lighting and workstation ergonomics
  • Detailed scoring of all aspects of your quality by means of a strict inspection and scoring of over 85 garments of various style and design
  • Stain performance test are analyzed on location and protocol is reviewed with your technical team

Monthly Service and Product Quality Monitoring

Monthly monitoring of services and quality are conducted through our mystery shopper program. Affiliates are randomly shopped at their retail location. A thorough report is issued directly to Affiliate ownership for analysis, as well as updated into the national database. The report will cover:
  • Phone answering skills
  • Retail location appearance and design
  • Client services contact and transaction at either the retail location
  • Quality control performance of requested services
  • Execution of final transaction
  • New client communication
  • Website design, accessibility of service requests and ease of navigation
  • Social media capabilities
In conjunction with our monthly mystery shoppers, real time awareness of all online review sites scoring such as Yelp, Facebook, Google, and many more are monitored by ABC to ensure that client feedback is properly managed and satisfied.

Participation at Regional and National Development Meetings

America’s Best Cleaners provides continual education through webinars, regional meetings, technical training seminars, national Affiliate meetings, and garment designer and manufacturer tours throughout the world. Affiliates are mandated to meet participation requirements to maintain their certification status. These events offer high value to Affiliates and have included activities ranging from work with charitable organizations to educational visits at the world’s most elite designer headquarters.
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