Planning Takes Precedence at the First America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum of 2021

Planning Takes Precedence at the First America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum of 2021


For Immediate Release:  January 14, 2021


Planning Takes Precedence at the First America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum of 2021

January 14th, 2021: The first America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum of the year 2021 and the fifth Forum overall may have looked similar to the initial four, having been held virtually over Zoom, but that’s where the similarities ended. At this point, the event series has established a well-earned reputation across the global dry cleaning industry for being a place those in the business can come and hear valuable insights and perspectives around running a dry cleaning business in the year 2021 in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. However, the Forums are now equally renowned for the uniqueness and the specificity of the content presented at each event. This penultimate Forum, which took place in mid-January and boasted a Panel of industry authorities like Kurt Wickiser, Executive Vice President of Seitz, Kermit Engh, Owner of Fashion Cleaners and Managing Director of Methods for Management, Leslie Schaeffer, CEO of Textile Care Allied Trades Association, Dave Coyle, Owner and Team Leader of both In The Bag Cleaners & Maverick Drycleaners, and Dianne Lee, Chief Operating Officer of JSK Companies, took shape around the concept of creating and executing a plan for the future while maintaining a strong clarity of vision during the inevitable challenges that arise in these unpredictable times.

Cameron Bastien of Canada’s own Carousel Cleaners was not at a loss for words when asked of the value of Forum attendance. “Navigating my way through a worldwide pandemic as a business owner has challenged me in ways I didn’t know were possible. It’s made me grateful for the America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forums, which have guided me and fellow industry leaders in the best way possible. The Forums have helped me look at these challenges as opportunities that can improve my business practices. Also, to be able to connect with fellow industry leaders and both receive and provide supporting business advice has really shown me the connection our industry has.” he enthused.

Bastien also had a few parting words for both of ABC’s Partners. ‘I would also like to give many thanks and gratitude to Chris and Catherine for all their efforts in assisting our industry. Your work with the Forums shows the compassion you have towards us as individuals and the industry.”

Catherine McCann, Partner and Director of Operations at America’s Best Cleaners, was enthusiastic at the insights being offered over the course of the fifth event. “The discussion around playing the long game caught my attention. In our current world, we’re inundated with information every second of every day, so remembering to plan for the long haul can be forgotten quite easily. Dave Coyle discussed his current three-year plan that in years past would have been a ten-year plan. It’s still the long game, but a much closer view.”

Chris White, Partner and Executive Director of America’s Best Cleaners, felt energized after the event wrapped. “The entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in our industry. The visions of success and the energy and focus of all the guests provided a bright roadmap for all our industry leaders to follow as we march towards the future together.”

The sixth and final Leadership Forum will take place on Wednesday, February 10th at 4:00 PM EST/1:00 PM PST. Those interested in attending can enroll at

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