Rytina Fine Cleaners Commits to Green Practices, Keeping Quality High and Costs in Check

Rytina Fine Cleaners Commits to Green Practices, Keeping Quality High and Costs in Check


For Immediate Release:  December 2, 2013

Media Contact:  Katie Brown, Owner

916.485.4700 or katie@rytina.com

Rytina Fine Cleaners Commits to Green Practices,
Keeping Quality High and Costs in Check

SACRAMENTO – Milk and cookies. Bread and butter.  Green and dry cleaning?  Those two ideas aren’t usually linked together.  But Rytina Fine Cleaners, a member of the Sacramento business community for over 50 years, is working to change that.  The company is using new, 100% eco-friendly cleaning technologies; has implemented numerous green business practices; and is one of only eight dry cleaners in the state of California, and the only one in the Sacramento area, to be certified by the Green Business Bureau.

“We’re implementing green technologies from the backroom to the front office,” says Katie Brown,
Rytina Fine Cleaners’ owner.  “What we’ve found is that not only are these new processes kinder to the environment, but they are more efficient, and, most importantly, are cost-effective, allowing us to provide a higher quality product for the same price.”

Rytina has employed eco-friendly wet cleaning for years.  Wet cleaning uses highly efficient technology to monitor water and detergent use to minimize waste and protect the environment.  

“Wet cleaning is completely automated,” says Brown.  “The flow of detergents, the flow of water, the rate of spin – everything is computerized.  This allows us to consistently provide a higher quality product while using fewer resources.”

Brown says the automation extends to how garments are dried, too.  Moisture control sensors on dryers allow items to be dried to a certain percentage of moisture, which prevents shrinkage and lengthens the life of the garment.

As newer, more advanced green cleaning processes have come on the market, Rytina Fine Cleaners has upgraded their cleaning systems to incorporate them.  The company currently offers not one, but two additional green cleaning technologies, Green Earth, a silicone-based, natural solvent, and the newer SYSTEMK4 (SK4) technology, a 100% green mix of biodegradable cleaning solution, technology, and environmentally-friendly cleaning agents.  These green cleaning technologies not only address the quality requirements of Rytina Fine Cleaners high standards of service but meet the company’s environmental commitment as well. 


Rytina’s commitment to the environment is also apparent to those who make it their business to know.  Ryan Artz, an Environmental Specialist at the County of Sacramento Environmental Management Department (EMD) inspected the Rytina production facility in June 2013 as part of the company’s Hazardous Materials Business Plan and Hazardous Waste Management Plan review. 


“Katie [Brown] and her employees were very cooperative and interested in the regulatory requirements,” says Artz.  “She was responsive to what we discussed as being necessary, and was proactive in ensuring they were in compliance with the regulations.”


Brown points out that Rytina’s commitment to green goes beyond cleaning processes.  In addition to green cleaning, the company encourages the recycling of all its packaging materials and recycles up to 50-60% of its hangers each year.  Even the smallest opportunity to cut waste doesn’t escape the team at Rytina.  The company offers durable plastic collar stays, and team members take the time to examine each collar stay that comes in on a shirt, reusing those that are in good condition – saving the environment and saving expenses, too.  Other recycling activities include:

  • Donating used shirt cardboard to children’s charities for use in craft projects.
  • Testing reusable garment bags to reduce the use of poly.
  • Separating office waste and recycling whenever possible.
  • Providing our employees with reusable water bottles to fill from our filtered water fountain.

“We’ve found that by incorporating green into everything we do, we’re able to deliver a higher quality service without increasing the cost to our clients,” says Brown.  “But that’s not the only reason we do it.  Everyone at Rytina wants to contribute to the preservation of California’s natural resources, because this is our home, and because it’s the right thing to do.”

For more information on Rytina Fine Cleaners, please visit http://www.rytina.com

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About The Rytina Fine Cleaners:

Rytina Fine Cleaners is a third-generation family business that has operated in the Sacramento region for the past 50 years. Over that time, we appreciate being recognized as one of Sacramento’s finest dry cleaning operations and continue to focus on providing top-quality garment care with unparalleled, personalized customer service.

Your wardrobe and image are important, and not all dry cleaners are the same.  At Rytina’s, we pride ourselves on craftsmanship and expertise.  Cleaning is a science – considering the variety of fabrics, dyes, trims, and even soils – and to be successful, one must successfully utilize a combination of technology, chemistry, and years of experience. 



Katie Brown


Rytina Fine Cleaners

630 Fulton Avenue

Sacramento, CA  95825




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