SDA to host USA Best Practices awards program

SDA to host USA Best Practices awards program

SDA to host USA Best Practices awards program

An international program that recognizes top companies in textile care will come to the U.S. during the upcoming Cleaners Showcase trade show sponsored by the Southwest Drycleaners Association.

The Global Best Practices Awards is a program organized by CINET, a global umbrella organization with more than 100 members consisting of national associations, suppliers, research institutes and individual companies. CINET aims to build a global network of experts, stimulate the implementation of innovation by exchanging information and profile the capabilities of the industry.

CINET, in conjunction with Methods for Management and SDA, will present the Best Practices awards program on the opening day of the show, Thursday, April 16, from 2 to 5 p.m. which will be followed by the Showcase Sneak Peak Reception at 5:30 p.m. the same day.

The entire conference will be April 16-18, 2020 at the Fort Worth Convention Center in Fort Worth, TX.

“We are excited to host the USA Best Practices Awards and contribute to the sustainability and promotion of the textile industry,” said Jess Culpepper, Cleaners Showcase Chairman and owner of Culpepper Cleaners in San Antonio, TX. “The heart of the awards is to share best practices and that is what the SDA and the Cleaners Showcase is about — sharing information we can all use to improve our businesses and industry.”

CINET said the USA Best Practices Awards will be the American pre-selection event for the Global Best Practices Award 2020 Program which will take place during Texcare International in Frankfurt, Germany, in June. Overall winners in the U.S. will be invited to the Best Practices final in Frankfurt.

The deadline for submitting an entry in the program is March 1. Details and an entry form can be found at Highlights of winners of the 2018 awards can also be found there.

There is no cost to submit an application for the awards program. All nominees will be invited as special guests of CINET at the award even in Ft. Worth. USA finalists will be reimbursed for their trip to Texcare in June if they attend the meet and greet one day prior to the event and participate in the presentations during the event.

The entry form asks for company information concerning the type of business and cleaning machines and solvents in use and details on the key areas targeted by the program.

Those areas include quality, sustainability, business model and concept, and innovation. Applicants are asked to describe their companies under these parameters.

In terms of quality, applicants are asked about their training, education and labor policy and any professional certifications they may have received and to tell how quality is controlled and guaranteed by their company.

Sustainability relates to using modern equipment, operations, optimal working methodologies and for professional textile cleaning and/or laundering. Specifically, it asks about equipment and how it reduces emissions, how the results are measured, what good housekeeping practices are used, and what sort of recovery and recycling methods are used.

Under the business model and service concept section, applicants are asked why customers choose their service over a competitor and what benefits are offered to customers. They are also asked to describe their key activities, how service is provided to the customer and to describe their key resources, e.g., human resources, infrastructure, machinery, IT, etc.

Under this section they are also asked to tell what their cost structure looks like and how the business model is generating income, and to explain how they promote their services and how effective they believe those channels to be.

Finally, they are asked to explain the customer relationship they aim for and what they can say about their brand.

In the innovations category, applicants are asked to tell what they are doing to cope with changing customer demands on quality and services or to meet legislative and environmental requirements.

Finally, applicants are asked to tell in what ways their company stands out in ways other than mentioned in the previous sections.

CINET said the objective of the program is to demonstrate the capabilities of the professional textile care industry worldwide to meet customer expectations and to provide a benchmark and a platform for new state-of-the-art in modern professional textile care services.

“For professional textile care operations, quality, service, innovation and last, but not least, sustainability are the key issues to meet customer demands,” CINET said on its website. “By stimulating the best practice approach, CINET intends to contribute to a modern and sustainable textile care sector.

“Changing customer demands require new services and business models. Upgraded quality and sustainability, well-trained human resources, comfort and high-tech functionalities are important aspects to meet these changing demands,” the organization said.

CINET expects the 2020 awards program will have more than 400 participants from over 50 countries. An independent international jury will evaluate the nominees based on the five criteria and their presentations. Each nominee entered in the competition will be visited personally by one of the jury members.

CINET has also announced a working partnership with America’s Best Cleaners to work on areas of mutual interest such as an international exchange of sharing best practice standards, market developments and international travel experience at Texcare International 2020 in Frankfurt, Germany.

The key areas of the information and knowledge sharing partnership are related to CINET’s main initiatives for the Professional Textile Care industry, including research and development of the World of Professional Textile Care Business School, international certification, a new online platform where partners of professional textile care come together and find information on business development and the Global Best Practices Awards.

America’s Best Cleaners is an independent agency for quality certification and provides a team of consultants who work with both ABC affiliates and non-affiliated businesses to assist owners, managers and team members realize their potential while striving for continued personal and professional success. ABC’s website is

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