Teamwork Drives the Third America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum

Teamwork Drives the Third America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum


For Immediate Release:  November 13, 2020


Teamwork Drives the Third America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum

November 13th, 2020: The America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum is a place for the thought leaders of the dry cleaning and laundry industry to come together and share how they have reacted to and managed the current business environment in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and highlight the steps their businesses are taking to plan for the short-term and long-term future. Each Forum spotlights leaders from various sectors of the industry as they share what they are doing to maintain productivity, and how they are pivoting to meet the new challenges each day presents. The third Forum, held over Zoom in early November, took a new direction and covered ground that the first two Forums hadn’t.

As the Forum began and the latest set of Panelists shared their stories and worldviews, the unique theme of the Forum began to reveal itself – teamwork. Specifically, the value beyond price of a capable team who have a collective vision and will go above and beyond what is expected to support it. Without a united group of people backing their company and, most importantly, each other, in the face of the tremendous strain of the pandemic and the economy, what is already an immensely difficult battle may indeed become impossible. Thus, the thesis statement of the Forum was finally laid bare – company culture is an integral part of not only surviving, but thriving.

The importance of keeping Forum content fresh, new, and challenging is first and foremost on the minds that run America’s Best Cleaners. Thanks to the constant refreshing and revising of the content, each Leadership Forum takes on a different, totally unique theme, making each one a can’t-miss event worth participating in live. 

Catherine McCann, Partner and Director of Operations at America’s Best Cleaners, offered her opinion on the turnout of the third Forum. “The thread that tied our time together during the third Forum was one of company culture. Seeing such an emphasis put on the importance of people made me realize that the industry itself is moving on past the expectation of things returning to ‘normal’ and is now steering the ship towards the future. It was beautiful, inspiring, and positive.” she said.

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