Our Satisfied Clients

America’s Best Cleaners is here to provide value to the dry cleaning industry. We strive for excellence and quality in our services and aim to help you succeed.

  • Nicholas Regine
    Product Application Manager @ Swarovski Crystals
    The reputation of our product is what built our brand to number one and we are careful to only partner with the outstanding leaders in their field, leaders who share similar philosophies. We were happy to partner with America's Best Cleaners. The ABC model serves as a unique resource available to both manufacturer and end user. We have had the pleasure to meet and work with many of affiliates and find them to be not only knowledgeable and conscientious but extremely engaging and enterprising as well.
  • Mark Jones
    Spot Business Systems has supported the Americas Best Cleaners organization since the inception of the ABC organization. The ABC staff and affiliates provide invaluable industry knowledge and experience to SBS. This knowledge and experience has been used to enhance our products and helped us grow our business.
  • Dan & Judy Del Rossi
    Owners @ Tiffany Couture Cleaners
    We have been a proud affiliate of America’s Best Cleaners for 10 years. ABC has been very instrumental in guiding us in our formative years and still today. With the ever-changing fashion designs and show costumes in Las Vegas, it is always a challenge to stay current with the proper care. ABC provides us with the technology, education and training to achieve this. Our affiliation as a selected member, classifies us as being one of the best couture cleaners in the nation.
  • Toran & Katie Brown
    Owners @ Rytina Fine Cleaners
    Being selected as one of America’s Best Cleaners has become an important part of our overall business model and operation. The organization, other affiliates and vendor partners are an invaluable resource that keep us operating on the cutting edge, and their credentialing and ongoing service and quality monitoring make sure that we are creating the best customer experience possible.
  • Sasha Ablitt
    Owner @ Ablitt’s Fine Cleaners & Launderers
    Today's drycleaning environment requires greater support than ever before. We can no longer keep up with our clients needs, technology, fashions, and our day to day operation if we are isolated. America's Best Cleaners provides the support, resources, trusted input, connections and energy necessary to achieve something extraordinary. We are in the service business, and ABC has the service mentality in all they do.
  • Robin Kraemer
    Owner @ Jones Cleaning Center
    Jones Cleaning Centers, Inc. has been an affiliate of America’s Best Cleaners since its inception. We are honored to be a part of this very prestigious organization. The founders of America’s Best Cleaners, Ed Delicio and Chris White along with Christine McCann, have extensive knowledge, commitment and education as it relates to the dry-cleaning industry. ABC has helped our great business become even greater and we thank the ABC team for their support and outstanding work and professionalism.
  • Harry Carranza
    Chief Executive Officer @ Select Risk
    Over the past decade Select Risk has had the good fortune for working with some of the top dry cleaning operations in the country. Through our travels we have become acquainted with a variety of vendors, consultants and service providers. Some of these providers are true innovators, providing products and services which really make them stand apart from the crowd. America’s Best Cleaners is certainly at the top of this short list. We have been honored to be affiliated with ABC because we have always felt they employed consulting strategies which expanded their affiliates business horizons. They stay connected to the industry and if they aren’t developing the latest technologies themselves they are certainly studying anyone that is. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our bond with ABC and in doing so provide the industry with unparalleled access to consulting options to improve their businesses.
  • Richard Fitzpatrick
    Vice President @ Kreussler Chemical
    Kreussler’s relationship with America’s Best Cleaners goes back to October of 2003 and has been providing us with the opportunity to network and collaborate with some of the most forward thinking and innovative operators in the market for over a decade. We saw tremendous value in the original idea of a truly independent accreditation for the professional textile care industry and are proud to have been able to support ABC as they brought that concept to reality. Christopher, Ed and Catherine are visionaries and their ability to push quality standards, responsible business ownership and best practices within their affiliates has changed our industry for the better. Kreussler’s principal goal is to provide unique solutions to help our clients overcome the challenges they face not only today but also 20, 30 and even 50 years from now but the core values found within America’s Best Cleaners will ensure a healthy future for the entire industry for decades to come.
  • Craig D. Wertheim
    National Sales Manager, Vice President @ Scabal, Custom Tailors and Design Association
    Scabal is known for the finest and rarest of fibers being used in the world of custom clothing and other CTDA members are of equal caliber, whether they are designers, producers, or tailors, ABC and its Affiliates bring the same level of luxury to the care of these exclusive garments. It is an honor for our two groups to join forces to service and educate the luxury consumer.
  • Mitch Gambert
    Owner @ Mel Gambert Customer Shirtmaker
    Having built a working relationship with the ABC brand and their affiliates over the last 10 years has proven to be one of the most valuable relationships we have developed. The ability to reach out to any of their affiliates or executive directors with issues concerning, in particular but not limited to, the woven shirt industry has advanced my industry knowledge and enabled me to become more valuable directly to my customer base, thereby adding to their value…
  • Tony Stephen
    CEO @ Tower Cleaners
    As an affiliate of America’s Best Cleaners I would like to say that it continues to be a wonderful experience and very worthwhile. Having gone on one of the ABC international educational trips, which took us to clothing and equipment manufactures, I felt like I was back in University with all the great things I was learning. The association with the other cleaners in the group is one of the most beneficial things as we share best practices. We also have the ability to reach out to a network of cleaners which helps us resolve any issues we are dealing with. I have also used the ABC consulting team to do an in-depth look at our business, from advertising to production management, this has also proved to be an invaluable part of what is offered to ABC affiliated drycleaners If someone qualifies and is looking at becoming and affiliate I would highly recommend being part of America’s Best Cleaners or using their consulting services.
  • Thomas Mills
    CEO @ HS Brands International
    HS Brands International and America’s Best Cleaners have had a successful partnership since 2006. In our time together we have done more than 3000 mystery shops and 400 submissions on electronic forms. It is safe to say that we have helped each other improve our Brands. Through the years we have worked with some of the world’s greatest and most respected luxury brands such as Cartier, Google, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, The Bellagio, Princess Cruise Line and America’s Best Cleaners. We have also worked with some of the largest brands such as Coca-Cola, Exxon/Mobil, Microsoft, GEOX, GNC, PetSmart, Bridgestone, Brookstone, M&M, Samsung and Arby’s. The experience we have and the brand excellence that America’s Best Cleaners brings to the table, make this a winning combination.
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