The ABC Leadership Forums Helped Plot a Course to the Future of Dry Cleaning

The ABC Leadership Forums Helped Plot a Course to the Future of Dry Cleaning


For Immediate Release:  March 1, 2021

The ABC Leadership Forums Helped Plot a Course to the Future of Dry Cleaning

March 1st, 2021: The America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum series was initially conceived as a safe space where a think tank of the best and brightest in the dry cleaning industry could come together virtually to share invaluable perspectives, feedback, and support during the Covid-19 pandemic. With each passing event, the series grew in scope, eventually gaining global notoriety as not only a place to plot a path forward in the ‘new normal’, but a space in which those in attendance could forge deep bonds heretofore unknown in the dry cleaning industry. Now that the series has drawn to a close, it is clear the effects and benefits of the Forums will reverberate far into the future, long past when the pandemic finally draws to a close.

These are the words of a selection of the Leadership Forum attendees and Panelists, speaking on how their attendance positively affected not only their businesses, but their worldviews and personal relationships, as well.

Gary Glover, owner of premiere ABC Affiliate Puritan Cleaners, was direct and intense when asked how his attendance at several of the Leadership Forums had affected him. “Leaders from other areas of the country reinforced some of the ideas we were trying and gave us a few new little nuggets to build on. And the Forums gave me a strong sense of comradery with my friends in the industry.” he enthused.

Kevin Marois of Integrity Mechanical echoed his sentiments, and had much positivity to share. “The ABC Leadership forums were great. They brought together experts from all areas of our industry, and we learned how people have adapted to survive in these difficult times.”

He continued, outlining how the Forums have helped him grow personally. “One key thing was the vision that each of these people brought for the future. This pandemic isn’t going to be the end of our industry. We heard how people are still moving forward and how they are planning to thrive in this new business environment. One phrase that stuck with me was ‘Changing Lives through Laundry’. We are an important part of society and we have something to contribute.”

Bill Odorizzi, Vice President of Sankosha USA, was steadfast in his belief that the Forums provided a boost to the industry during some of the most uncertain times in historical record. “The ABC Leadership Forums were so important to our industry in so many ways. Getting the chance to hear ideas from such a talented group of our leaders was educational, inspirational, and timely. Every Panelist was so giving with their experiences and shared so many thought-provoking ideas on how to grow their businesses.”

Odorizzi shifted to an analytical perspective as he continued. “One of the best ways for our industry to move forward and get through these challenging times is through communication and collaboration and the forums provided us just that. Thanks again to ABC and to all the Panelists.”

Andrew Rivkin, owner of Embassy Cleaners, has much praise for the entire ABC team for conceptualizing and executing such a massive undertaking. “I commend Chris White and Catherine McCann for their foresight and efforts in producing the ABC Leadership Forum series. It was conceived relatively early on in the pandemic to provide information and support to dry cleaning industry participants, most of whom were (and still are) experiencing a significant reduction in their sales. Each of the six Forums brought together an esteemed group of dry cleaning industry thinkers and thought leaders who didn’t fail to provide innovative and insightful ideas in an effort to motivate and guide dry cleaners with fresh perspectives that they could act on to improve their businesses. I believe that Chris and Catherine are very generous to organize this fantastic Forum series and present it free of charge to dry cleaners in an effort to help the industry during these perilous times. 

Dawn Marie Crouse, owner of Crouse’s Cleaners, was feeling immense gratitude as the series wrapped up. “The feeling I was left with after watching the final America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum was “uplifted”. We are surrounded by such great leaders in our industry! Thank you to those who spoke. It meant a lot to hear what you have done to pivot and change and for the new ideas that have sprung from that. It was also wonderful to hear how important your people and your culture are to your businesses.”

Liz Davies, ABC Industry Consultant, is perpetually a wellspring of knowledge and insight, and she has the final word. “I was amazed at the guest list of Panelists, and how we had major companies join in and speak to how they are helping support this industry. It was also mind opening and sometimes heartbreaking to hear from cleaners and listen to their stories of how they have had to make major changes to their business models, and what they have had to do to build up sales, and the downside of having to release good employees to ensure survival.”

It was a heavy thought. She paused, then continued. “All Panelists went above and beyond with regard to positivity, including when engaging with their own competitors. And the hosting duties Chris and Catherine performed were so engaging, and the questions they proposed were so spot on, that the overall synergy of every aspect of the meetings was off the charts.”

“ABC has brought out so much more in our industry by having this Forum. With all of the unknowns happening during this time, it was comforting to all to know they are not along during the struggles and recovering processes.”

Davies ended with a sentiment that it’s safe to say every person who attended any of the six Leadership Forums shares. “The only negative was that it ended. Hopefully a second season is coming soon!”

America’s Best Cleaners would like to thank each Panelist and each attendee who participated in the six Leadership Forums. The future of the industry is bright, indeed.

ABC is currently taking applications for 2021. To receive more information, complete the simple form at and we’ll schedule a one-on-one call to better understand your goals and needs.”

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