The Lessons Live On, but the Forum Draws to a Close

The Lessons Live On, but the Forum Draws to a Close

The Lessons Live On, but the Forum Draws to a Close

The sixth and final ABC Leadership Forum set for Feb. 10

ALLISON PARK, Pa. — After allowing dozens of leaders in the cleaning industry to share their opinions, experiences and best practices on how to guide teams through one of the most challenging business climates ever seen, it’s almost over. The final Leadership Forum, sponsored by America’s Best Cleaners, will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 10, at 4 p.m. EST.

The forum, held via Zoom, is designed to bring business owners and leaders industry together to discuss how they’ve faced challenges created by the pandemic and its economic fallout it brought. This Wednesday will mark the sixth and final entry of the monthly event.

“We’ve had an overwhelming response regarding the Forum,” says Christopher White, executive director of America’s Best Cleaners. “We have had more than 1,500 unique viewers between the live event and recordings on our Facebook Page with 856 people attending each forum. We are very proud of our Net Promotor score of 69 for the first 5 forums”

By bringing in panelists from various sectors of the cleaning industry, the audience can get a better feel for how all the elements function together — and how effective leadership strategies can impact all areas of operation.

“We have been asked to continue the series,” White says, “but we are going to take a pause for a period and, if we do come back, it would be with a new format to keep things fresh. Our short-term plan is to work on following up with the large list of drycleaners interested in learning more and potentially being certified by America’s Best Cleaners.”

The panel of experts for February’s Forum will include Nathaniel Dubasik, project director of Metalprogetti USA; Joel Lyons, CEO of Lyons Textile Restoration and president of Evans Garment Restoration; Nicole Kirby, manager of client success for SPOT Business systems; Monika Manter, vice president of Balfurd Cleaners; and Mark Hatch, general manager of French Cleaners Inc.

For more information, to save a seat for the free presentation or watch replays of the previous forums, visit the Leadership Forum’s webpage.

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