The Second America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum Improves on the Formula

The Second America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum Improves on the Formula


For Immediate Release:  October 25, 2020


The Second America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum Improves on the Formula

October 25th, 2020: The America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forum is a place for the thought leaders of the dry cleaning and laundry industry to come together and share how they have reacted to and managed the current business environment in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and highlight the steps their businesses are taking to plan for the short-term and long-term future. Each Forum spotlights leaders from various sectors of the industry as they share what they are doing to maintain productivity, and how they are pivoting to meet the new challenges each new day presents. The second Forum was recently held over Zoom in mid-October, and by all accounts was a runaway success.

Due in no small part to the feedback of attendees and panelists present at the inaugural Forum in September, numerous tweaks and improvements were implemented to the structure of this second Forum. Thanks to this valuable feedback, ABC made the call to invite at least two dry cleaners, two allied trades members, and one national association leader to sit on the second panel, and on all future panels, in order to provide a well-rounded perspective of the industry at the time of each event. Additionally, new and exciting questions were added to the already extensive collection of inquiries and topics accrued. ABC recognizes the importance of keeping the content fresh, new, and challenging with each forthcoming Forum in order to provide unique value with each event. Thanks to the constant refreshing and revising of the content, each Leadership Forum is a must-see experience, and to participate live is to get the most from it.

Catherine McCann, Partner and Director of Operations at America’s Best Cleaners, had some thoughts around the ongoing success of the Leadership Forums and, specifically, the second Forum. “Having an additional successful dry cleaning business owner on the panel was a game changer. The two we had during the second Forum, Dan Miller and Christa Haegerty, combined to offer unparalleled leadership from a seat of deep knowledge. They were both in the trenches with their teams during the worst months of the pandemic and have come out with a stronger culture and more efficiencies. Fabulous sharing and well worth a second listen.” she said.

Chris White, Partner and Executive Director, also expressed his satisfaction at the progression of the Forums. “We are so pleased with the authenticity, generosity, and grace all of the participants to date have expressed. It is truly a community of people caring for our industry while also showing grit, creativity, and perseverance. I can’t wait to see how the third Forum unfolds.” he said.

All parties interested in attending the America’s Best Cleaners Leadership Forums can register to attend or apply to participate as a panelist during a future forum at

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Contact: Catherine McCann

Partner, Director of Operations

America’s Best Cleaners

(415) 857-BEST (2378)

Contact: Christopher White
Partner, Executive Director
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